yo mr bush..cant a man get a lil peace, theres a war on the streets and a war in the middle east, instead of a war on poverty they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me


booze and blunts was a great way to spend the night. held perrys jacket strings and hat and patted him on the back while he puked the 7 shots of bacardi and 2 shots of Jack. ima great friend, im not fully sober and am in daytona..time to drive home cuz i wanna do what perrys doin right now..snoring in my own bed all comfy and shit..easy
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heart felt shit

hmh..ima make an actual post i think.. well in my life ive done some things..not so legal, ya know a lil kid in Miami grabbin some gum from the store and stick it in my pocket.. sellin gum and candy on the street to kids after school in brooklyn..nuttin too bad. daytona i started sellin trees and yay and since ive moved to debary ive been gettin into trouble in the neighboring citys..deltona and sanford.. my life is takin a turn man.. livin illegal is something that i do to the max is seems now..i dunno i feel i need a change of lifestyle but ive hustled in some way or another for as long as i can remember..its what im good at and the ghetto is all that i know now it seems.. i gotta make a change or hello jail cell or even worse tear drops and closed caskets..easy movin

fuckin cops

well the city of longwood tried to nab me, but i got away, clean, my buddy suffered a diff fate tho..gotta go bail him out.. drunken fun at strip clubs lead to crazy nights

nuttin new

nothing new..just livin another day another dollar at work.. gettin a new car..bye bye buick..umm.. dunno what else to say..


yea its been over a month since ive been on LJ..noone noticed tho cuz noone aint commented on one of my posts in god knows how long.. but.. yea, new years came and went. lets just say alc and Jane make a punishing combo.. i work alot..like doubles everyday so i dont have much computer time..but still hit me up.. the cars not in great shape so ima get some electrical work done to it so i can make a daytona trip


friday went and saw kotton Mouth Kings, it was the royal shiznit, every body was lightin up blunts when the kings came on, and i got that chronic haze, so ya know i was gone, me and rob got lit up and went to the show, and i lit up a J inside and i let this dude hit my J and he kindly offered me some cali krip blunt, good man. so many awesome people weree there i wish i knew these folks during HS. sorry im rantin but the show was awesome and i was happy, security thought i had a cell phone so they seached me and found my Joints but the guys like, u can have this back i thought u had a phone, i was like whoa! haha sweet. after the show i took home corey and ryan smoked and went over to danny and daves house collin n his lady were there, havent seen them in a while and mike was there. not hudson, we smoked the dank sticky and watched toxic avenger 3, and ordered Daytona Hot Grill. that place is the shit, crahsed at dave and dannnys and went and saw joanes mom and sisters at dennys than flew to work from dayton in like 30 minutes, and now i work, every day till i dunno when.. peace
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